cloud native

Cloud Native Summit Online Stream Experience

The Cloud Native Online Summit was a community event that had updates from all graduated CNCF projects - Kubernetes , Prometheus, Envoy, Jaeger, Fluentd, Containerd, CoreDNS, Vitess, TUF. Along with conversations between the key SIG and WG contributors. I was part of the Cloud Native Online summit team that helped put on the event. @Abubakar Siddiq Ango Site Design @Ariel Jatib Contributor @Kim McMahon CNCF Marketing Director @Kaitlyn Barnard Marketing Consultant

Kubernetes Best Practices Webinar

Slides: In this webinar Gregory Patmore and I covered: Getting started with Kubernetes - laying the foundations for success Clusters: Set up, security and operations Best practices for container and Kubernetes adoption Securing containers Optimising application development in Kubernetes environments

Passing the CKA

On December 29th I completed my final goal of the year - I passed the CKA. TL;DR This is a list of the bare minimum necessary to try to pass. Do Kelsey Hightower’s tutorial Kubernetes The Hard Way at least three times! Understand it, internalize it. Do all the tasks on Read Kubernetes in Action by Marko Luksa Also practice, practice, and practice. Did I mention practice? This is a practical exam, no multiple choice questions here.