Chainguard Live: All About That Base Image

The Chainguard team has released a new whitepaper titled “All About That Base Image.” The whitepaper proposes “quiet” base images, minimal images with few or no security vulnerabilities, and other security features built-in. The intended audience is software development teams that use containers and are interested in reducing the workload associated with investigating and mitigating security vulnerabilities. The whitepaper helps software professionals better understand the security debt of popular base images by analyzing the number, severity, and lifetime of vulnerabilities.

Does K8s still need DR? O'Reilly K8s Author On the Hot Seat!

Things got a little tense on this week’s podcast when James Strong (@strongjz, Co-Author of O’Reilly’s Networking & Kubernetes) hinted at DR being a thing of the past with K8s. Mr. Backups was having none of that. No blows were thrown, mostly because it was all online, but it was a really good conversation that K8s and DR enthusiasts alike will find interesting. We also cover the new book, Networking and Kubernetes, by James Strong and Vallery Lancey, including why the decided to write it, and what it covers.