Cloud Native Summit Online Stream Experience

The Cloud Native Online Summit was a community event that had updates from all graduated CNCF projects - Kubernetes , Prometheus, Envoy, Jaeger, Fluentd, Containerd, CoreDNS, Vitess, TUF. Along with conversations between the key SIG and WG contributors.

I was part of the Cloud Native Online summit team that helped put on the event.

@Abubakar Siddiq Ango Site Design

@Ariel Jatib Contributor

@Kim McMahon CNCF Marketing Director

@Kaitlyn Barnard Marketing Consultant

@Priyanka Sharma Show Runner

@Zaki Mahomed Streaming Consultant

For the event we used several pieces of technology to enable a collaborative and fun event


  • Panelist: Zoom meeting
  • Breakouts: Separate Zoom Meeting


Online Summit Rundown

The speakers, panelists and I joined Zoom.

OBS streamed the Zoom to Restream, scenes for the overlays, and playing the music.

OBS also allowed us to integrate plugins from Streamlabs for the polls.


Restream streamed to YouTube and Twitter, and pulled the all the chats as well from YouTube and Periscope.

Audio setup

That is a bit more tricky especially on a Mac, windows it’s a littler easier.

In order to stream the audio from Zoom to OBS a separate piece of software needed to capture audio.

On a Mac you need this iShowU Audio Capture

Blog posts more about setting that up

On Windows there is an OBS plugin available so no need for a separate install.


OBS is open source and free, but some functionality required subscriptions, here is that breakdown. $15/month personal

Streamlabs Prime $19/month

Restream $41/month

I also have a Elagto Stream Deck that helps with scene transitions for OBS. $149

Other helpful sources