AWS Cloud Governance & Security through Automation

At the August meetup for Atlanta AWS Builders group Jason Lutz and I presented on AWS Security.


Is that requirement from NIST 800-53 Controls or NIST 800-190? If you’ve ever wondered where those pesky cloud security controls come from, this meetup is for you. In this Meetup, Jame Strong and Jason Lutz from Contino (an AWS Permier Consulting Partner) will discuss how Contino views DevSecOps. They will review the Benefits of DevSecOps:

  • Cost Reduction
  • Speed of Delivery
  • Speed of Recovery
  • Security is Federated
  • DevSecOps Fosters a Culture of Openness and Transparency During this Meetup, James and Jason will show you how to harden and secure a container pipeline and AWS network. Briefly, they will demonstrate how to deploy accounts with a Cloud Security Posture and review security best practices from AWS, CIS, and NIST. They will also touch on how to integrate changes in your infrastructure pipelines to adhere to your Enterprise’s Security Compliance Guidelines. If you’re interested in integrating security and compliance into your Application and Infrastructure pipelines to realize the benefits of DevSecOps, join us in this virtual meetup.