Cloud Native Security Webinar

As organizations undergo a digital transformation, cloud migration now more than ever remains a high priority for those looking to expand their business and remain top competitors in their field. But how do companies develop and deploy in the cloud without fear? What is really needed to secure your cloud accounts, and develop your engineers’ innovation all while adhering to industry-wide security best practices?

On Thursday, May 27th, discover the solution to those questions and more during our latest webinar where we present our unique framework, Cloud Guardian.

Join Contino’s Head of Cloud Native Practice, James Strong and Technical Principal, Thomas Behnken, along with Cognizant’s Cloud Security Architecture Lead, Elton Morrison, as they discuss how our Cloud Guardian Framework targets people, processes, and technology problems throughout the cloud migration journey.

In this webinar our experts will cover:

  • How to implement a cloud native security framework in your organization’s cloud migration journey
  • What it takes to apply cloud service providers best practices to ensure your applications are safe in the cloud
  • Extending CI/CD to the cloud and treating accounts as another resource in the pipeline
  • Learn to integrate your organization’s investment in third Party API Integrations for Cloud Security Platforms
  • Hear from our client’s own experiences with implementing the framework as they walk through how they’ve used Cloud Guardian