Containers and DevSecops

DevOps is established, and containers are all the rage, but we forget about security! Let’s talk about DevSecOps and Containers. We’re going to show you how to inject security into your Container Pipelines. Don’t have a pipeline? Don’t worry, because we’ll fix that too. In this talk, James Strong, Cloud Native Director at Contino and AWS APN Ambassador, will share knowledge around container security and building a DevSecOps pipeline in AWS with no servers.

Kubernetes Best Practices Webinar

Slides: In this webinar Gregory Patmore and I covered: Getting started with Kubernetes - laying the foundations for success Clusters: Set up, security and operations Best practices for container and Kubernetes adoption Securing containers Optimising application development in Kubernetes environments

Passing the CKA

On December 29th I completed my final goal of the year - I passed the CKA. TL;DR This is a list of the bare minimum necessary to try to pass. Do Kelsey Hightower’s tutorial Kubernetes The Hard Way at least three times! Understand it, internalize it. Do all the tasks on Read Kubernetes in Action by Marko Luksa Also practice, practice, and practice. Did I mention practice? This is a practical exam, no multiple choice questions here.

Masters Presentation

On May 9th 2015 I received my Master of Science in Computer Science from the University of Louisville. Here is my final project presentation is here. Previous Next     Page: /