Wolfi: A Secure-by-Default Distro for Curing Container CVE Chaos

Are you using container images with hundreds of known vulnerabilities? The majority of us are using images based on the Docker official images available on the Docker Hub. This includes base images – such as Debian and Ubuntu – as well as application images such as nginx and redis. Unfortunately these images often have hundreds of known vulnerabilities due to excessively large dependency trees with out-of-date packages. This security debt can lead to unnecessary security risks and slower development cycles.

End to End Security & Operations with Chainguard and Weave GitOps

One of the key values of GitOps relies on its fully declarative single source of truth in Git for the desired state of your entire system – configuration that continuously reconciles with the runtime of the system. Validating committer identity in your Git repository is a critical component towards a secure GitOps solution. Although basic capabilities are provided by Git service providers, more granular controls for governance and compliance are a requirement to satisfy most enterprise grade implementations.

Life of a CVE with Ingress-Nginx; Understanding the Project's Release Cycle

Life of a CVE with Ingress-Nginx; Understanding the Project’s Release Cycle - James Strong, Chainguard & Dylen Turnbull, Nginx INC Speakers: Dylen Turnbull, James Strong In 7 years, Ingress-nginx has had 221 releases, with over 6800 commits. To ensure stability and to test this highly configurable controller, the project has grown to over 400 e2e tests and helm chart tests across various kubernetes versions and deployment landscapes. We were 3/4 through our stabilization project in the last maintainer track we presented.