Enlightning - What is Ingress-nginx?

ingress-nginx is an Ingress controller for Kubernetes using NGINX as a reverse proxy and load balancer. It’s not the NGINX inc controller… confusing, right? In this session we will discuss how the ingress-nginx controller works, how it differs from the NGINX inc controller, the release process, and how you can help contribute to the project!

Life of a CVE with Ingress-Nginx; Understanding the Project's Release Cycle

Life of a CVE with Ingress-Nginx; Understanding the Project’s Release Cycle - James Strong, Chainguard & Dylen Turnbull, Nginx INC Speakers: Dylen Turnbull, James Strong In 7 years, Ingress-nginx has had 221 releases, with over 6800 commits. To ensure stability and to test this highly configurable controller, the project has grown to over 400 e2e tests and helm chart tests across various kubernetes versions and deployment landscapes. We were 3/4 through our stabilization project in the last maintainer track we presented.

Understanding the Future of Ingress-nginx

Understanding the Future of Ingress-nginx - James Strong, Chainguard & Ricardo Katz, VMware Speakers: Ricardo Katz, James Strong In this talk, we will present the survey results from our Ingress-nginx community survey. The survey’s goal was to know what we should be doing for future releases and how to prioritize features, bugs, or other issues important to the community. The ingress-nginx project is undergoing a stabilization project as well. This stabilization project has worked to increase the security, review and deprecate older features, and fix long-standing issues with the project.

Does K8s still need DR? O'Reilly K8s Author On the Hot Seat!

Things got a little tense on this week’s podcast when James Strong (@strongjz, Co-Author of O’Reilly’s Networking & Kubernetes) hinted at DR being a thing of the past with K8s. Mr. Backups was having none of that. No blows were thrown, mostly because it was all online, but it was a really good conversation that K8s and DR enthusiasts alike will find interesting. We also cover the new book, Networking and Kubernetes, by James Strong and Vallery Lancey, including why the decided to write it, and what it covers.

Cloud Native Security Webinar

As organizations undergo a digital transformation, cloud migration now more than ever remains a high priority for those looking to expand their business and remain top competitors in their field. But how do companies develop and deploy in the cloud without fear? What is really needed to secure your cloud accounts, and develop your engineers’ innovation all while adhering to industry-wide security best practices? On Thursday, May 27th, discover the solution to those questions and more during our latest webinar where we present our unique framework, Cloud Guardian.

Networking and Kubernetes Early Release

This past year Vallery Lancey and I have been working on a Kubernetes Networking Book. I am proud to announce that we have an early release of Chapters 1-3 of the book available on O’Reilly Digital platform. Kubernetes Networking is an essential guide for anyone who wants to deploy, manage, or troubleshoot a production-scale Kubernetes network. Understanding Kubernetes clusters isn’t enough to operate Kubernetes at scale. Every layer of the stack–the network, operating system, and Kubernetes–depends on the layer below.

A Cloud Guru Advanced Networking with Kubernetes on AWS

I’ve spent the last year created a course for A Cloud Guru. With 3.4 hours of content and 36 lessons, I look forward to your feedback. Here is my “Advanced Networking with Kubernetes on AWS” Course. Since its release in 2014, Kubernetes has become the de-facto standard for container orchestration. Kubernetes is a distributed system for managing containers and its networking is no different. Many companies are deploying Kubernetes on-prem and in the cloud, both managed offerings and self-deployed.